Saturday, 6 April 2013

Why NoDogInTheFight?

While I often comment on stuff, I have adopted a user name that reflect my point of view.  That is to say that I don't have a direct stake in what I am commenting about.  For instance, I would not use this forum or user name to comment on things that are going on at a local school if my kids attended there.  Typically, instead, I am offering opinion or insight or possibly even advice (to anyone who may be listening) on things that have a wider resonance.

For a direct example, consider the local media buzz around the possibility of building a city street through/over a local park.  I don't live near either the park or the land on which the road would run.  I may use such a road if it were built but it would not be a daily or primary route for me.  I do recognize the decision has an impact broader than just the park.  To this I bring my experience in the area of traffic and urban design and offer my comments, insights and suggestions.  The adoption or agreement with my comments makes little difference to me. My hope is to add some additional perspective and stimulate informed and reasoned civil debate.

That is my aim when I comment on items.  If I have a stake in the outcome, look for me to comment without the use of a pseudonym in other media.